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Tired of these b****s they got highs and lows just because Im rich they never leave me alone thats only the beginning man I aint gone ,Got enemies we hold a gun

When I told you Im a be the star you did believe me when I told you I want respect you didnt give me, when I look at your I see nobody cause youre a piece of shit like everybody I said dont touch my vibe Im doing my thing Im losing myself cause selektion on the beat, bitch just want to take a line keep holding the ring they go crazy cuz they just want dick
I am ready hoe I need some need some
Yes I know you like 3 some 3 some
Acting stupid Im not dumb you dumb
Look at me Im up but you down
Wouldnt take me more than a second to shoot you in a face all I smoke is haze i have stuck in a maze just trying to survive this life is mine in all those b****s trying to kill me mama can save me

Born in the gettho pull up the gas fam lets go too much smoke killing my lungs dont give a f**** if Im going to die mother fucker think that Im a lie ,warm a little bit cause shodies pussie on my d*** probly gonna be sick cause all I do a sip CripWant no b****s everybody snitches Cooking in my kitchen baby boy snitchin all the time they dont even have a dime but i am fine golden Roley still shine and I wont regret it till I die as long as I got my boys on ma side ,glocks in the air can get the smell of bullets my pockets always the fullest just got back from a town guess what its lockdown bitch

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